I certainly support increasing renewable energy sources across the UK and on Anglesey and I support offshore wind farms in the coastline off Anglesey. However, I believe that additional onshore wind farms would be detrimental to our tourism industry and should not go ahead. I believe our island has done our part to contribute to onshore wind energy, and instead other areas and other sources should make their contribution. 

I am excited by the Morlais project by Menter Môn that hopes to make use of Anglesey’s geography to harvest tidal energy. The project is awaiting approval, but should it be successful, Anglesey could become the world’s largest tidal energy producer. Another ground-breaking tidal energy project is Minesto’s Holyhead Deep – the world’s first low-flow tidal stream approach. These less obtrusive renewable energy sources will not cause the same problems of wind energy, whilst still providing an effective source of energy.

I will certainly support my colleagues and encourage other forms of renewable energy. 

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