Rule of six

 I appreciate that there are frustrations around further restrictions to our normal way of life.  However, we have always known that should the numbers begin to escalate, the Government would take measures to stop the spread and save lives.  On the advice of scientific and medical experts, the Government introduced new measures to address the escalation and to ensure the right level of intervention in the right places to manage outbreaks.  

I have relayed to colleagues the desire among my constituents that all regulations about social distancing are simple to understand and are proportionate to the risk.

It has been recognised that over the last few months, the guidelines have grown increasingly complex and difficult to understand in all their detail.  With these, and other, measures, the Government is seeking to have rules that are simple to understand and straightforward to apply, through the new ‘three tier’ system of local restrictions, as well as the rule of six. If you live in an area of ‘medium’ alert, you may socialise in groups no larger than six, indoors or outdoors, unless everyone is from the same household or support bubble. If you live in an area of ‘high’ alert, you may only socialise in groups of six outdoors. If you live in an area of ‘very high’ alert, you may only socialise in a group of six outdoors and in public.

It remains vitally important that people remember to wash their hands, to cover their faces in enclosed spaces, and to keep plenty of space between themselves and others. 

While I appreciate the frustration over further restrictions to our way of life, it is all our responsibilities to comply with the law so we can limit vulnerable people’s exposure to coronavirus. 

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