Welsh Conservative MPs Demand Contaminated Blood Equality

Virginia Crosbie, MP for Ynys Môn, has written to  the Welsh Minister for Health and Social Services, Vaughan Gething, demanding Welsh Government action on contaminated blood ex gratia payments.

The letter which has been co-signed by twelve other Welsh Conservative MPs accuses the Welsh Government of treating the matter as a political rather than a human issue and thus penalising Welsh victims.

In the letter Ms Crosbie points out: 

“There are huge discrepancies between the payments in Wales and those in the other nations of the UK. As an example, in England someone with stage two hepatitis C receives £28,476 a year, whereas in Wales, this figure is just £19,172.  It is unjust and unfair to penalise my constituents and others in Wales. These are people who are forced to live with the results of a problem that was truly beyond their control.“

The Welsh Government has repeatedly said that it will not uplift payments because the scandal took place pre-devolution.  It now stands alone amongst the Home Nations in refusing to follow the lead of UK Government for English victims. 

Lynne Kelly, Chair of Haemophilia Wales, the charity leading the fight for justice in Wales, said

“We have asked for clarity on funding for those infected in the contaminated blood scandal but the Welsh Government always avoids the question.  We are grateful to Ms Crosbie and her colleagues in the Conservative party for writing to Mr Gething requesting justice.“

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