Virginia Crosbie MP calls for rapid new nuclear energy deployment on Anglesey in Prime Minister’s Questions

Ynys Môn MP Virginia Crosbie thanked Boris Johnson for visiting the island in Prime Minister’s Questions today and asked him to make the rapid deployment of new nuclear energy on Anglesey a government priority.

The PM was on Anglesey and visited Wylfa Newydd last week where large and SMR nuclear power could be developed bringing jobs and investment to the island.

Virginia has been pushing for the site to be part of the UK Government’s nuclear energy strategy.

“I would like to say diolch to the Prime Minister for visiting my Ynys Môn constituency, where he saw at first hand the enormous beneficial impact the new nuclear plant Wylfa Newydd could have if built on Anglesey,” Virginia told MPs.

“Nuclear power must play a role if we are to meet our carbon and net-zero commitments, level up and combat rising energy prices. 

“Does my right honourable friend agree that the rapid deployment of nuclear technology must be a priority for this Government, and if so will he commit to financing a nuclear plant at the Wylfa site in this Parliament?

In reply Boris Johnson said: “It was a great joy to visit my honourable friend’s constituency, where I believe she is known as “Atomic Kitten”… and she outlined in great detail her plans for Wylfa. 

“It is a fantastic vision and a fantastic site, and it remains a very interesting and attractive prospect for new nuclear power.”

Speaking afterwards, Virginia added: “I didn’t get the commitment I wanted from the PM today but I will keep on trying until I do. 

“However, the good news is the PM was very impressed with Wylfa Newydd when he visited last week and he’s absolutely right: it is an attractive site for new nuclear power – something I will not stop going on about until I get concrete plans to bring this clean energy to the island and with it the jobs and investment we need.”

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