My plan for Ynys Môn

A plan to deliver for Anglesey

Better job opportunities

Ynys Môn has suffered from many years of under-investment and disappointment. The loss of key employers such as Wylfa and Anglesey Aluminium means that the island has become overly dependent on tourism. This makes our economy highly sensitive to unforeseen events like the Coronavirus pandemic. I am working hard to bring large scale investment and projects onto Ynys Môn and with that will come high-quality well-paid job opportunities both directly and through the supply chain.

Our energy island

Ynys Môn as an 'energy island' can embrace new and emerging technologies such as wind, tide and hydrogen power, alongside existing proven systems like nuclear. As a hub of energy production, Môn Mam Cymru can play a major role in reaching the UK’s target net carbon-neutral by 2050. The Government has committed to this goal and I am doing all I can to ensure that Ynys Môn is at the forefront of this energy revolution.

A welcome for all

We are so fortunate to live our lives on an island that is the holiday destination of choice for so many people. Ynys Môn is a haven of peace and pleasure for the many tourists who visit us, but that means that many local businesses experience massive seasonal peaks and troughs leading to insecurity for those who rely on the tourist industry. I am working with small and large local businesses and representative groups to ensure that these issues are recognised within the UK Government and to find ways to support businesses and employment year-round.

A proud island heritage

Ynys Môn’s heritage is everywhere – from our cromlechs and windmills to the many ports on the island and the daily use of our mother-tongue. The core historic sources of wealth on the island persist to this day in our agriculture and marine industries and it is important to me that these industries continue and flourish. I hold regular meetings with organisations such as the NFU and FUW and large local employers such as Stena so that I can understand and represent their views and concerns in Parliament. I am working hard to learn Welsh with the support of so many local people, and I am linking into local projects to help them to preserve and celebrate the heritage of Ynys Môn.

A viable infrastructure

Ynys Môn needs a viable infrastructure to support the transformation so many of us would love to see on the island. We need the physical infrastructure to bring new industry and jobs to the area. We also need an infrastructure that will support a greener and healthier future. That is why I want to encourage projects that will help to introduce the practical infrastructure the people of Ynys Môn want: Health centres that serve the needs of the community; cycle paths so that our children can bike to school safely; arts programmes that develop confidence and creativity; schools that encourage attainment and achievement; and so much more. I am already linking like-minded people together to create solution-driven programmes of work to tackle some of these key issues.