Virginia Crosbie says nuclear is vital for UK’s energy security

Ynys Môn MP Virginia Crosbie has told the Foreign Secretary that only investment in nuclear power and renewables will give the UK the energy it needs following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Speaking during the Support for Ukraine debate, Virginia said: “Given the barbaric invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the threats to cut off gas supplies to the west and the rising energy prices here in the UK, will the Secretary of State join me in calling for the continued expansion of renewable energy and for massively expanding and accelerating the UK’s nuclear programme to ensure that we meet net zero, dramatically lower our energy prices and ensure that we can never be held to ransom over our energy supplies?

In reply Liz Truss said: “My honourable friend is right. The west can no longer be reliant on Russian oil and gas. We need to end dependency by agreeing ceilings with our G7 partners, agreeing a timetable for reduction and helping through price support and support those countries that are very dependent. Of course, nuclear and renewable energy will play a vital role in moving forward.”

Speaking afterwards Virginia added: “My desire for new nuclear power production on Anglesey isn’t just about jobs and investment for Anglesey, although that is vitally important, it is overwhelmingly about the UK’s national energy interest. 

“Putin’s reckless invasion has shown us we must have energy security. I know the Government is looking seriously at a range of options. 

“But I think decisions need to be made quickly so we can get on with securing that energy. Wylfa Newydd is the best location in the UK to house a new large nuclear reactor and SMRs. The infrastructure is there and the workforce is there and I won’t stop until we get the decision we want and the country needs.”

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