Virginia Crosbie MP not intimidated by Christmas death threat

handwritten note sent to constituency office

Ynys Môn MP Virginia Crosbie said today she would not be intimidated by a Christmas death threat as police launch an investigation to find the culprit.

The handwritten note saying ‘traitors hang’ with an image of a noose turned up at the MP’s Holyhead constituency office on 23rd December and was opened by one of her staff.

Both local police and parliamentary liaison officers were immediately informed and North Wales Police have taken the note and launched an investigation.

“I will not be stopped from doing the job I was elected to do by the people of Anglesey and the coward or cowards who sent this note will not undermine democracy,” said Virginia.

“Too many times this sort of behaviour is tolerated but not by me. I will call out and relentlessly use all the avenues available to pursue all those who threaten myself, my family and my staff.

“The police have launched a wide-ranging investigation to find the people behind this threat and I thank them for taking it so seriously. They have several lines of investigation and I am awaiting an update from them.

“This corrosive behaviour is harming democracy and stopping people, especially women, from standing for public office. It has no place in our society and my approach remains one of zero tolerance. 

“It’s absolutely vital in a democratic society that we have disagreements and debate, not death threats.

“I would like to praise my staff for all the work they do, including having to see this sort of cowardly communication when they are opening the post. They shouldn’t have to.”

Virginia also released a copy of the note and asked people to call the police if they recognise the handwriting.

“This is a crime and if anyone thinks they know who wrote this note then I urge them to contact the police immediately,” she added.

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