June’s Hidden Hero is Stayce Weeder

June’s Hidden Hero is Stayce Weeder, the founder of Anglesey Acts of Random Kindness. On 5th June Virginia was honoured to thank Stayce for her immense contribution to our island in Parliament. You can read about Stayce’s amazing work, and watch Virginia thanking her in Parliament, below.

“I set up Anglesey School Uniform bank last summer, having brand new uniform my own children had grown out with nobody to pass them onto. Within 6 weeks we’d 20 drop off points over the island. In it’s first summer we ran 12 popup shops, saving 759 families approx £47,817 on the cost of uniform, whilst raising £500 for teenage cancer charity GiddosGift. 

I was actually really struggling with my own mental health at the time, something which people struggle to get their heads around when they know I set up and ran this huge logistics operation by myself. 

I’d gone from being the main breadwinner in our household with a good career, to “just” a full time mum since moving up here. I was feeling a bit lost, and the school uniform bank gave me something to focus on,to feel like I was doing something valuable again.  

Whilst muddling through some self-help type videos, I actually came across a video by Russel Brand of all people,about the affect of selflessness on our mental health, and when I thought back to the school uniform bank, it really resonated with me. 

So with Christmas approaching I set up Angleseys Random Act of Kindness, asking people to nominate those in our community who deserved a little pick me up, or a thank you etc. That Christmas we surprised 50+ people with bunches of flowers, boxes of chocolate etc (lots of which were donated by local businesses)

When covid-19 hit, this little community page seemed like the perfect place to bring people together, and we saw strangers helping eachother with shopping, or items they were struggling to find in the shops. I had a lady in tears as we managed to sort shopping for her elderly mum for whom she normally online shops, because she lives quiet far away, but couldn’t get a slot. 

After a couple of weeks we turned our attention to making scrubs. I was aware of the larger projects ran by “For The Love Of Scrubs”, but again not finding a group any more  local than “north Wales”, and knowing there were already a few people making items for YG decided to focus our efforts directly on ynys mon. 

We’ve supplied Penrhos hospital, Cefni hospital, Holyhead Ambulance Service and over 15 care homes and doctors surgeries, as well as several wards on YG. We were getting messages daily asking for help and I also contacted Virginia to see if she could help getting direct contact with those needing help. Since then we’ve been working directly with the cluster coordinator for Anglesey and Arfon.

To date our absolutely amazing team of sewers have made over 1000 scrub bags, 400 scrubhats, 500 crochet ear defenders and 300 headbands. We’ve had items posted from commercial suppliers, and from Anglesey lovers as far as Scotland! 

I feel a bit of a fraud to be honest, as although me and my children had a go at making a few scrub bags, most of what has been achieved has been so thanks to the talents and good will of the people of Anglesey. From those donating fabrics, to those helping with transport, picking up made items and delivering supplies. 

We’ve had an Amazon wishlist on the go with things from hand cream to tea bags,toiletries, activities for care home residents, phone chargers and each and every person buying an item from the list has helped to make care packages for the hospitals,doctors surgeries and care homes we’ve dropped off with scrubs deliveries.

In reality, I’m just the coordinator, pen pusher (or, keyboard) the real hard work and effort has been done by all the people on the group.”

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