Disposable BBQ

I understand your concerns about fires caused by disposable barbecues; however, I am not aware of any plans to ban them. It is important that everyone follows the Countryside Code and not light fires or use disposable barbecues which can be devastating to people, property and habitats. As a fellow lover of animals and nature I share your concerns so I am pleased that the Government strategy is to promote a clear and consistent message which highlights the problem, promotes better behaviour in the countryside and encourages a partnership response. 

I am aware that there are existing powers in legislation which can be used by authorities to regulate and prohibit the lighting of fires on Access Land in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and National Parks. Current ‘Bylaw’ legislation allows for local authorities to restrict and enforce the use of disposable barbecues in parks and public spaces. 

I am pleased that the Government is working to raise awareness of the impacts of domestic burning and has produced guidance which also asks people to be considerate towards others when using barbecues. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs works closely with Natural England and the Home Office to tackle such issues, and there are also operational plans in place with fire services as well. 

In addition, the Home Office works in close partnership with local fire and rescue authorities to promote a range of fire safety messages through the national Fire Kills campaign. Messages on outdoor fire safety, including the fire risks related to barbecues, are included within the educational materials made available to fire and rescue authorities to support local activity.

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