Covid-19 Measures

I would like to reassure you that colleagues in all parties are working to ensure that the response of the UK Government to this virus is both appropriate and proportionate. At the moment, we are focusing on measures to reduce the spread of the virus, and as a consequence reduce the impact on the NHS. All decisions are made on an evaluation of the evidence available to the Government to ensure the measures are relaxed in the safest and most appropriate way. I understand your point that there is a value judgement to be made between economic harm and the lives saved as a result of the measures, but I agree with the Government that we must do all we can to save as many people as possible in such a way that doesn’t harm our economy too considerably. 

While this is a devolved issue and the responsibility of the Welsh Government, I would like to reassure you that Covid-19 restrictions remain a personal priority, as well as a priority for my colleagues in the Welsh Parliament.

I agree that it is vital to balance the need to restrict the spread of the virus without infringing on civil liberties, while allowing the restoration of economic and social life. My colleagues in the UK Government have made a judgement that the best way to balance these things in England is to enable people to go out and see friends and family in low risk areas, but to require that, if they choose to do so, they take additional measures to restrict the spread of this virus by wearing face coverings in certain situations. 

Any decisions are taken with the utmost consideration for the liberty of the population, but are considered vital in order to save the lives of others and all restrictions are based on the best available evidence and are shown to be effective in limiting the spread of Covid-19. 

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