Tell me your views on my e-newsletter

Every month I send out a free e-newsletter across Anglesey to keep you posted on what I have been doing for you and our island.  This regular communication is an important part of my accountability in my role as your elected representative in Westminster.

The newsletter format has been consistent for the past two years and now I want your thoughts on whether and how you would like me to change the type of content and layout I use.

Whether or not you are currently subscribed to my newsletter I still want to hear your views so that I can serve Anglesey more effectively.

There is a link to my January newsletter here so that whether or not you subscribe you can see a sample of the content and layout.

Please give me your views below, thank you.

PS If you are not currently subscribed to my e-newsletter but would like to be, please click here to register.

View a sample of my Newsletter