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UK Internal Market Bill

The UKIM Bill is a responsible provision of the UK government. It will only challenge international laws and agreements if it is needed to affirm our decision – and assert our sovereign right – to leave the EU. The UKIM Bill is that safety net that allows us to set aside parts of the Withdrawal…

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Should the UK ban sales of ammunitions to the USA?

Like you, I was incredibly distressed by the footage of what happened to George Floyd in the lead up to his death in police custody. I understand that the police officer involved in the incident has been charged with second-degree murder, and there will be a federal review. I entirely understand the strength of feeling…

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Do you support the Black Lives Matter protests?

Like you, I was sickened at George Floyd’s tragic death.  I share your horror at his treatment by the US Police and recognise that similar injustices are experienced by minority communities across the world.  I fully understand why these injustices have driven people to protest in the UK and globally. Whilst we have taken many…

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Will the Government protect food standards in any future trade deals?

In my many meetings with farmers across Ynys Môn I have heard very clearly how important food standards are to them. I share their feeling. I stood on a manifesto that also echoed the importance of standards and nothing that has happened in Parliament since the General Election has in any way weakened this. I…

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Why did you vote against Agriculture Bill amendments NC1 and NC2?

I know how important farming is to Ynys Môn in terms of its vital contribution to our economy and our communities. Many farming families gave me their support during the General Election and for this I am grateful and appreciative. I have worked hard to repay this trust by supporting the farming community particularly during…

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