Statement regarding the HRMC Inland Border Facility in Holyhead

I am deeply disappointed that both Labour and Plaid are peddling the utter nonsense that the Inland Border Facility at Holyhead is to be axed.

This is completely untrue and to continue to publicise this is totally irresponsible and reprehensible.

The suspension of post-Brexit checks at UK ports does not affect the IBF. All the 200 plus jobs there are perfectly safe.

It is as embarrassing as it is desperate to make these untrue claims. Even a cursory glance at the UK Government’s announcement would show HMRC is not affected.

If Labour and Plaid cannot understand government policy announcements, then there’s no greater example that they are unfit to govern.

If they do know but want to mislead and cause anxiety then they need to find their moral compass. I would love to know which one it is.

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