Skydiving for Men’s Sheds

Virginia Crosbie, MP for Ynys Môn is taking to the skies to raise vital funds for a defibrillator machine for Men’s Sheds Holyhead. The dive combines two of her passions: supporting local initiatives and thrill-seeking adventures. 

James Morgan, Local Conversation Officer from Môn CF said “We’ve worked closely with the Men’s Sheds in Holyhead and our goal is to raise £1,300 for a new defibrillator machine for the sheds. I’m looking forward to working with Virginia – when Covid-19 allows – to raise money for this great cause which if ever needed will help save a life.”

Ms Crosbie also visited the new premises of Men’s Shed Amlwch at the Old Ambulance Station Amlwch. The organisation, established in 2018 seeks to make connections within the community and promote men’s health. So far, they have organised numerous talks on a vast array of subjects such as defibrillators, health screening and Men’s Sheds in Australia. Some of their recent projects include clearing the Oval by St Eleth Church of rubbish and weeds, helping Amlwch Pre-School Playgroup to establish a new garden play area, making planters for the Trecastell Hotel and the new Oriel museum, and assisting a new local allotment. These important projects improve communal areas and help our islanders build ties within the community. 

During the meeting, Ms Crosbie was eager to learn about the work being undertaken and how she can best support them. After the meeting she said “Men’s Shed Amlwch are raising the profile of a range of issues experienced by the men and women of Anglesey. Across Anglesey there are branches of Men’s Sheds in Holyhead, Beaumaris, Amlwch and Llangefni. They too are championing some important causes and I encourage everyone to look at getting involved in their local Men’s Shed”.

Treasurer COPR Men’s Shed Amlwch, Ray Barrett also commented “At our new premises we have erected a new shed, started to clear an overgrown bank alongside our shed, and are working out a layout of the workshop. We have recently held an open-air coffee and cake morning for existing and prospective members (all rules observed). Our local MP, Virginia Crosbie had a visit on Saturday morning and is fully supportive of our aims for the local community.”

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