November Hidden Hero

Anglesey Mobility is our Hidden Hero for the month of November.

Virginia Crosbie MP praised the company saying “Anglesey Mobility provides a vital service for many elderly and disabled people, but what truly marks them as Hidden Heroes is the effort they put in to ensuring the safety and support their customers feel.”

Anglesey Mobility have been supplying mobility equipment to the people of Anglesey and beyond for over 10 years and have two shops on the island in Menai Bridge and Valley.

A central belief of Anglesey Mobility is that they must look after their customers after their purchase. They pride themselves on their support service as most of their customers are either elderly or disabled and really do depend on them, the feedback they receive confirms this.

Covid-19 has made it difficult for many of their customers this year, so Anglesey Mobility have been doing plenty of home visits even delivering the smallest items up to the large chairs or mobility scooters.

Upon receiving news of the award, owner Patrick Hywel said “My team and I are thrilled to have been nominated for Hidden Heroes as it’s great to be recognized for the service we provide to the people of Anglesey”.

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