February’s Hidden Hero: Jeff Evans

Such modesty does not do justice to the enormous depth and breadth of Jeff’s contribution to Ynys Môn. Moving to the island 50 years ago, he met and married a Holyhead girl and had a son, daughter and now has two grandchildren.

During his time on the island, he has been Mayor of Holyhead three times, a Town Councillor and County Councillor, youth leader and manager of the JE O’Toole centre. In addition, he has worked with the NHS, North Wales Police and Fire Service. Not only does he love where he lives, he loves making it even better! As if his work on Ynys Môn is not enough, he’s taken the island to Europe when he cycled from Holyhead to the Vatican, raising funds for cancer charities.

The sheer range of activities he has engaged in and the considerable work behind the scenes is a wonder to behold. He is a credit to the island; one of the reasons Ynys Môn is such a special place is because of the hard work of people like Jeff Evans, a true local champion.

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