Electrical Safety Online

I am pleased that Electrical Safety First is campaigning for better regulation of online marketplaces. I am committed to making the online marketplace as safe as possible and I know that UK Government Ministers share this ambition. 

The UK has a strong product safety system in place to ensure that products are safe before they can enter the market, including products sold online. I nevertheless understand your concerns and assure you that I take the problem of counterfeit electrical goods very seriously. I welcome the UK Government’s efforts to tackle this illegal trade and I know that UK Ministers are working across industry and with law enforcement on a number of initiatives. 

Officials from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy have been holding meetings with representatives from online platforms to discuss the availability of counterfeits on their platforms. Action is also underway to ensure a coordinated law enforcement response against the sellers of these counterfeits.

I recognise that e-commerce has brought about substantial changes to traditional supply and distribution chains and I welcome the fact that the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) is reviewing product safety legislation to make sure that the existing legislative framework is adequate for consumers across the UK. 

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