The Brexit Deal

Thank you for contacting me about our departure from the European Union.

Since the result of the referendum was announced, many were unsure what our future relationship with the EU would look like. After hours of work, millions of voices, and multiple iterations, the final deal has been reached and agreed to by MPs – receiving cross-party support. 

The deal is the first of its kind, with revolutionary agreements and concessions from the EU. The deal delivers on the many ambitious promises that the Conservatives made at the last election, promises that our critics said would not be possible. 

These include:

  • We will no longer be beholden to the European Court of Justice
  • We will no longer be required to follow European Law
  • We will no longer be in the Single Market or Customs Union
  • We will have sovereignty over our fishing waters
  • We will protect our internal market and Northern Ireland’s place within it
  • We will have tariff and quota free trade of goods
  • We will continue to cooperate with the European Union on law enforcement and emerging security crises

These achievements bring sovereignty back to our Parliament and greater power to the Welsh Assembly. They will allow us to better support and reward our farmers. And allow us to control who and how we allow people to move to the United Kingdom – empowering us to solve gaps in our workforce. 

Additionally, following further agreements being reached with the EU, the UK Government has been able to remove the clauses of the UK Internal Markets Act that were incompatible with international law. These clauses were only necessary if the integrity of the UK was at threat if we failed to meet a deal with the EU. Given the deal has been met and the issues reconciled, the UK is fully compliant with international law. 

A deal needed to deliver the compromised solution that is required to ensure the sovereignty of our great Parliament along with the continued economic cooperation that so many on Ynys Môn rely on. I firmly believe the deal negotiated by the Government best represents that outcome, and will secure a better, brighter future for our United Kingdom.

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