Holyhead Port Delays

Thank you for contacting me about delays at Holyhead Port.

I welcome that the UK Government has secured an excellent deal for the United Kingdom which delivers on what the British public voted for in the referendum and in the 2019 General Election.  In total, the deal is worth over £660 billion, and I am pleased that it takes back control over our money, borders, laws and fisheries with no role for the European Court of Justice.

It is understandable that there will be teething problems as we settle into our new relationship with the European Union. Given the substantial changes to our trading arrangements, some delays can be expected, and the UK Government has always been honest about this. However, I know that the UK Government is working tirelessly to monitor the situation and to mitigate any teething problems.

Trade is flowing relatively smoothly at present between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. However, I know that UK Government Ministers have been engaging with the Welsh Government to discuss how Holyhead Port can best be supported.

To smooth the process, freight customers are required by ferry operators to link customs information to their booking. If this has not taken place, freight customers are not able to enter the port and are redirected to a temporary contraflow between junctions 2-4 eastbound on the A55. At this point, HGVs will either be redirected or stacked on the A55 while they arrange the correct paperwork. The UK Government and Welsh Government are currently considering a range of options for inland sites including at Parc Cybi.

I continue to hold very regular meetings with HMRC to get updates on their customs procedures and to ensure the UK Government is doing all it can to ensure smooth flow of freight through the port. 

Looking to the longer term, the manifesto which I was elected on commits to upgrading the A55 as the main transport artery for North Wales. Upgrades will result in increased capacity and resilience.

Holyhead is set to benefit from £253,061 in funding as a result of the UK Government’s Ports Infrastructure Fund. More broadly, I am pleased that the North Wales Growth Deal has now been signed, paving the way for over £1 billion of investment in the region, and 4200 new jobs by 2036.

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